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Improvements to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates

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A landing page plays a vital role in your overall online marketing strategy. This serves as a specific purpose of reaching a level where a potential customer is at along the sales funnel. This can either lead them toward the action you want or a visitor off completely.

You’ll need to make improvements to achieve the results you want. Experts from a marketing agency here in Utah cite the following ways and tweaks you can make to improve the performance of your landing pages.

Relevant and Personal Touch

A landing page has a definite objective, and users that find it are at a certain place along their purchasing journey. To move them further down the funnel, the page has to feel personalized and relevant to a visitor. The content on it, whether it is a video or an article, must discuss a topic that resonates with those that consume it.

Break down the page into segments that slowly, but surely leads visitors toward the action you want. Consider thinking of a persona that fits the mold of your intended audience. Choose the appropriate color scheme, tone of the text, and language to make your brand appealing.

Provide More Details for Immediate Action

Avoid beating around the bush and be direct when creating a landing page. Provide as much information as possible (without overwhelming visitors) to convince a visitor to act right away. This is a possible strategy for e-commerce sites with specific product pages.

The content you add to it must keep a visitor focused on buying. Use text or images that a person can skim through so that it doesn’t distract from your end goal of making them click “buy.”

Show the Advantages of Choosing You

A landing page doesn’t have to be as detailed as your main pages. This serves a specific purpose; make its content short and sweet. Show the benefits of choosing your brand over the competition. Use testimonials, videos, or an old fashioned list of your advantages.

Back your claims up with studies or satisfied customers to convince a visitor to buy immediately.

Above the Fold

Most visitors (approximately 80% of them) spend browsing a site above the fold. Place content in this position without cluttering the page. Find a balance by using negative space and focusing on imagery that adds value.

Let the Page Breathe

Too much information or visuals will overwhelm visitors and may confuse them as well. Let the landing page breathe by only including elements that lead a visitor towards the action you want. De-clutter by using light color schemes that trigger the emotions you want to elicit from users.

Use white spaces between content to highlight a section or the call-to-action.

Social Proof

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Some people will find your sales pitch unconvincing. In such cases, it is important to the success of your landing page to add social proof. This can come in various forms, some of which include short reviews, ratings and testimonials.

These are some of the improvements you can make to boost the conversion rate of your landing pages. Implement these techniques to get the results you desire and become a niche leader.

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