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How to Customize Your Home Interior?

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They say that our house is the reflection of who we are, so what does it say about you? If your home lacks some personal touch, you can start customizing it today to reflect your personality. Doing so also comes with the following benefits:

  • Improves your feeling of satisfaction
  • Being able to express your personality
  • Creates more livable space
  • Makes you feel more at home
  • Lets you be in control

And to get you started with this project, here are some home interior design ideas you can try:

1. Display your personal collections

Got some of your favorite collections? It’s time to show them off! Your personal collections tell a lot about you. It could range from car miniatures, paintings, antiques, to tableware you’ve collected over the years. For leather items, printing your name on them gives them a unique feature. There are leather laser engraving tools you can use for that.

Just find the perfect place to display them. It could be in the living room so the guests would see, and that might even inspire them to start a collection of their own. You can also display them in your room for your own satisfaction. After all, personal fulfillment is what matters most. Your collection deserves some attention too. So go give them a share of the spotlight by giving them a good presentation.

2. Show off your travel souvenirs

Maybe you’ve got a wanderlust personality, and you always feel the need to explore. Of course, it’s always tempting to buy some souvenirs in places you go for remembrance. Maximize their use then by displaying them. So besides evoking good memories, they also improve your home interior.

Key chains are one of the most popular souvenirs, so why not try making your own key chain collection board where you can put them all together. You only need a display case. You can make it from scratch or just simply buy it at the store. Then find the perfect spot on the wall where you can hang it.

The same thing can be done to your other travel souvenirs such as fridge magnets, pins, postcards, and shot glasses. Just get creative, so you can give them a unique arrangement.

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3. Use a chalkboard wall

Using your creativity, a chalkboard can turn into an interior design accent from just being a functional school material. In fact, many cafes are maximizing the use of it to display their menu. Not only does it add a unique facet to the ambiance, but it also improves the aesthetic of the entire place.

So if you’ve got an old chalkboard, hang it on the kitchen wall. You can use it to communicate your message with your family. You can also leave some inspirational quotes before heading for work to brighten up their day.

4. Display your artworks

Is there an artist inside you? Why not let the world know? Your artworks are the best ways to showcase your talent. If you are into painting, knitting, and writing poetry, you’ve probably done a couple of them.

Instead of keeping them in your cabinet, try hanging them on the wall. Dedicate a space for them even and turn it into your own art gallery. Let your artworks speak strongly for you, and people will start to get to know you better. Even your long time friends might get surprised by that creative side of yours when they finally see your artworks.

5. Let your photos tell your life story

Do you have a favorite photo of yours? Maybe there’s a story behind that photo that you want to tell people. Leave the storytelling to your photos. Put them in a frame and display them on your table or wall. Not only will they fill your home with happy and exciting memories, but they also add a distinct feature in your home.

6. Display meaningful items

Surely, you have a couple of items that have significance to you. You’ve probably received a stuffed toy from your best friend on your birthday. Or a vintage flower vase from your grandmother the last time she went to Paris. Whatever it is, you can make use of them to personalize your space.

Integrating modern and antique items can create a more dramatic ambiance. You can put them together in your living room cabinet. Then add some personal touch for a warm and cozy feel.

Personalizing your home doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. You just have to envision how you want your space to look like. Ask some questions about the things you value in life, your likes and dislikes, favorite sports, and your interests. That will give you amazing ideas to start with. And the quarantine period is the perfect time to start personalizing your home.

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