What to Expect When Living with a Police Officer

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Members of the family often have usual office jobs that can help them sustain a way of living. However, some households include living with a cop. It is an admirable profession, especially when you consider how it can help save or protect the lives of people in your community.

Unfortunately, this line of work will come with a price. Workers in different jobs will be able to live normally, which is something that you might not be able to say for police officers. If you are living with a law enforcer in your home, you will have to worry about these things.

Potentially Loud and Dangerous Equipment

Almost all employees have to take home a few tasks or supplies from their work. Usual workers often have pens, papers, and other office necessities, but cops have a different and unusual set. If you are living with a police officer, you will have to get used to seeing these things inside your home:

  • Police uniform
  • Different Kinds of Guns
  • Police sirens
  • Tasers
  • Police vehicle
  • Knives
  • Baton
  • Bullet magazine kits
  • Bulletproof vest

The list comprises several pieces of equipment that can potentially harm a household member. It can be scary to live in a house full of these supplies, but they are necessary for the police officer to perform their sworn duty. However, it is the responsibility of the cop to make sure that the items are in secured storage. He or she must also put the guns on safety in case a child finds them.

Melee weapons will require the safekeeping. It will be irresponsible for a cop to leave the potentially harmful equipment on the dinner table or the living room couch. The adults of the household must remain aware of where the items are to keep children safe.

Round-the-Clock Work Schedule

Employees will encounter some days that will require them to work overtime. For a police officer, the time will not matter. While there are shifts when it comes to working in an area or precinct, cops will have to respond to emergencies that place them near or around a potential crime scene. The round-the-clock work schedule can happen at any time, even when the people inside the house are already sleeping.

The demanding job can affect the whole family, but adults in the household must find a way to adjust to it. Keeping children undisturbed by the noises and commotion will also be crucial. Cops are risking their lives to save people’s lives in times of need, which means that the members of your family must be aware of the necessary inconvenience that comes with it.

Psychological Effects and Behavioral Changes

A lot of things change when a person enters law enforcement training. The family member that you used to know will start to become different. His or her friends will consist of the police unit or the batch mates. The police officer will show signs of aggressiveness and use a more authoritative and vocal tone.

The behavioral changes will happen when he or she gains experience in becoming a cop. Since the family member is on active duty, he or she will be with the police unit more than choosing to stay at home. You must find ways to adjust to his behavior, but you need to remind him or her that she has a role in the family.

Emotional Trauma

trauma bricks

The cop’s primary purpose is to protect and serve the people, but there is less to nothing that can assist a law enforcer from suffering from damages to their emotions. A horrifying crime scene or a life-threatening car chase can take its toll on a police officer, especially when he or she always encounters the situation. You might be coming home to your family member in tears or mental breakdown, which is indicative of the dedication to the sworn duty.

If you notice that the police officer is suffering from traumas, you will have to provide emotional support. It will be challenging to do it every day, especially when you have work responsibilities to finish. However, it is crucial to avoid making the cop feel like he or she is alone in life.

Family Safety Worries

As a law enforcer, the police officer might make a few enemies out of the suspects he or she arrest. Because of the sworn duty to protect and serve innocent lives, your family’s safety might be in jeopardy. Make sure that you always talk to him or her to figure out if you should be worried. Even if there are no direct threats, it is necessary to make preparations.

Becoming a police officer is an honorable service to the community, but families need to be aware of the changes that come with it. If you are living with a law enforcer in the same household, you need to prepare for the adjustments.

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