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How Can You Help a Family Member Who’s in Jail?

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According to statistics, about 10 million people get arrested yearly in the U.S. Sounds alarming, right? Some say that every 3 seconds, someone in America gets arrested. Of course, breaking the law can vary from as small an offense as a traffic violation, or it could be something as serious as a shooting incident. But no matter what the reason is, no one wants to get arrested. Sometimes, however, things can get scarier: Someone in the family gets arrested and placed behind bars.

Many people tend to panic when their family member gets arrested. It’s normal. But that’s actually not a recommended action. If ever your family member is arrested, you should be thinking about how to help out. Your relative will need all the help he can get. That’s for sure. If you have no clue as to how to help, fret not. Here are some of the most practical things you can do to help a family member get the justice he deserves.

Get the necessary information

The first move when trying to help out is gathering information. That’s why panicking is no good. When you panic, you wouldn’t be able to gather the needed information.

Start by finding out the jail the person is in. It’s important to get the exact address, zip code as well as telephone number. That way, you can call back if you can’t locate it.

If you can, go there immediately, then do so. Find out the cause of the arrest and also where it happened. You will need to provide all this information when you get legal help. It’s also important to find out the person in charge of the case, along with the case number.

Now, what if you can’t go down to the jail yourself? Then you need someone who can, or you should find out all the necessary info on the phone. Remember, a person in jail is innocent until proven guilty. So he would need all the help he can get to get his story out.

Once you have all these, then you can move on to the next thing.

Help get bail

Next, find out if you can post bail for your family member. Usually, most people can. The thing, though, is that you might not be able to do this by yourself. The fee is usually exorbitant to discourage running away or bolting. It is not something many can afford on the spot.

So what can be done?

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You can opt for a bail bondsman. That’s about the fastest approach. With the help of a good bondsman from a reputable company, you can get a temporary release. They can provide the needed bond to bail your family member. You provide them a manageable amount of money as a deposit and stand as a co-signer of the bond.

Standing as a co-signer comes with responsibilities. You have to make sure your relative appears in court when he’s needed. If not, the collateral (e.g., car) secured by the bondsman can be requisitioned.

The fact remains the bail bondsman is the quickest way to get someone close to you released from jail. The faster you can do that, the faster you can help your family member prove his innocence.

Get legal advice and representation

After being granted bail, the next thing is getting legal advice and representation. This is where you will need all the information on the table.

Find an attorney with experience in the type of case. Let the attorney know all that you know about the case. Be as open as you can, and encourage your family member to be completely open. That’s the only way the attorney can help defend well.

Moreover, it’s not enough to get legal representation but also follow through with the case. Make sure you stay up to date with the progress of the case. And be in constant contact with the legal representative.

Also, make sure you encourage your family member as well. Let them know it will be over soon. Make sure they don’t feel deserted or alone in times like this. Proving his innocence is a lot easier when everyone around him does their part.

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