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Which Social Media Platform Is Right for Your Business?

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When you are busy running your business, it’s easy to forget about social media and focus on the operations of the company. But remember that social media may be your best method to draw customers and build your clientele. The secret of a successful social media marketing strategy is to consolidate your efforts, narrow down your choice, and refocus your campaigns.

The first step toward achieving a more streamlined Internet marketing strategy is to find the right creative agency in Melbourne or in the city where your business operates. Any self-respecting marketing agency will tell you to select only the social media platforms that your business can benefit from.


This is the largest social media platform in the world. It revolutionized social media as you know it, bringing the platform to a reported two billion active users per month. Facebook is a great idea if your business needs to generate leads, advertise products and services, build relationships with customers, and disseminate information and updates about the company. You can post a myriad of media content—blogs, news articles, videos, photos, and text—on Facebook.


With a limited number of characters allowed, creating a Twitter post can be incredibly stressful for marketers. After all, they need to find the right mix of creativity, catchiness, and being informative. Twitter, mostly used by media organizations, can post announcements, product updates, breaking news, and other information. Thanks to the power of links, Twitter can also lead customers to the links of the news articles written about a business or a certain topic.


This is a graphics-heavy platform. It uses photos and short video clips to convey a message. Ever heard the phrase “for the ‘gram?” Millennials and Gen Z are obsessed with the perfect Instagram feed. If you’re in the retail, beauty, and food business, Instagram is the one platform whose benefits you can maximize. You would have to get someone to take stunning photos of your products, location, interiors, ambience, and customers, though, because Instagram is for well-curated media products.


With more than 100 million active users monthly, Pinterest is unfortunately overlooked as a social media platform. Heavy on the images, Pinterest allows you to create inspiration boards. But businesses are starting to find out the benefits of promoted pins, which will target specific demographics of users. These pins have direct links to the online shop or product pages of these businesses. Women are the most common users of Pinterest, and their most common pins are recipes, fashion, photographs, places, home interiors, and DIY crafts.


Youtube app mobile

The biggest benefit of YouTube relies on the fact that users who want to watch videos don’t have to sign up for an account. This means that while the platform itself boasts one billion users, the number is so much more than that. It stands next to Google as the largest search engine platform. Many of the searches are instructional videos, so if you’re in a service-oriented business, this platform is for you.


Businesses use LinkedIn not to attract customers but to network professionally. It is used by people aged 30 to 49 years old and those looking for job opportunities. As for businesses, LinkedIn is especially useful if one is looking for a B2B lead or for employees with a specific skill set such as web designers, programmers, photographers, editors, writers, etc.

When choosing a social media platform for the marketing of your business, study your target audience. Create buyer personas that will allow you to see your business from the perspective of a potential client. From that perspective, you will have an idea of which information they seek and which platform they use to find this information.

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