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Content is King: Implementing the Right Content Mix

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The online world shows no signs of stopping as far as growing and being expansive are concerned. Everyone is already in this world, and people have been taking their conversations, businesses, and transactions there. And if your business is not yet online, you are missing out on a lot of things. Eventually, you will be left behind. While there are many businesses that are online already, they have failed to draw in audiences. Engaging them is hard work for them, and converting them into paying customers seems like next to impossible. What they do not realize is that they are using the wrong strategy.

Digital marketing is all about strategy. You need to come up with unexpected and novel ways to draw in people who will eventually become your followers. And one of those strategies should be centered on content. This strategy only makes sense because people are online because they consume content. They are glued to what they see and hear on the Internet. If this is the effect that you desire, then you ought to come up with the right content mix. Here are some of the types of content that you may use, especially if you are looking to franchise a marketing agency soon.

Go for short films

Online consumers are always on the lookout for stories that engage and make them feel emotions. They are desensitised by the ads that blatantly market products. With this in mind, you may go the route that a lot of brands do not consider; it is worth paying for the production of a short film. When releasing a short film, focus on real, relatable human stories where the brand or product is not blatantly marketed. If you are looking for some inspirations, check out some of the Cannes Lion winners.

Balance fun and seriousness

You want your brand to be perceived as human and relatable. This is why you should bring in a healthy balance of fun and seriousness. On the fun side, you may come up with memes that poke fun at the struggles of your consumers and how your brand makes a great help. You can come up with witty promos that encourage fun among your audience. But if you want things to be serious, you can come up with guides and demonstrations that will help your audience to use your products or improve their day with the help of your brand. The healthy balance between fun and seriousness can be only achieved if you know what your target market is talking about. Right content planning can also help.

Leverage human behaviors

Conceptualizing the right kind of content

Customers are curious, and if you show them videos of people reacting to simulated situations and phenomena, they are likely to find out what will happen next. This is why practical jokes and pranks are engaging. And this is something that you may use if you are planning to come up with new content.

Content will always be king. It is the main reason people flock to the online world. Content makes them laugh. It makes them feel emotions. It helps them learn new things. No amount of stunning web designs and functions can match the value content offers. Use it wisely.

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