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Volunteerism: The Act of Making a Difference

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People have different answers when asked about the impact of the pandemic on their lives.

Masks. Isolation. Quarantine. Financial crisis. Desperation. Anxiety. Hopelessness – A lot of them give out answers that are deemed negative mainly because those were the things that they experienced this entire time. However, not enough emphasis is given on the other side of the coin.

Opportunities. Creativity. Innovation. Unification. Compassion – A lot of positive things have taken place and continue to occur worldwide.

Moved by Compassion

One of the more exceptional things seen around the world during this global health crisis is how people served sacrificially and voluntarily to help improve the living conditions around them.

Quite frankly, those who are in positions of power to make things happen cannot take on this herculean task of fighting COVID on their own. The threat and effects of the virus are overwhelming enough that the odds are stacked against them. For this seemingly immovable mountain to be moved, our leaders not only need the cooperation and compliance of people but their active participation in the fight against COVID. We need to work together if we want to beat this virus.

Because of this, remarkable people who were moved to act out of compassion stepped up to bat. They saw the great void waiting to be filled and, understanding fully they have the capacity to fill that void, decided to step out of their comfort zones and do something about it.

Men and women stepped into different positions of service despite the lack of compensation and high risk of exposure to the virus. These outstanding people chose to look beyond themselves and instead dedicated their time, resources, and efforts to serving the community.

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Selflessness and Sacrifices

While almost everyone around the world is scrambling for work and other avenues to generate income, these brave souls are serving to their full capacity expecting nothing in return. They are aware of the risks involved in rendering volunteer services yet they still show up every single day to serve.

Their confidence in serving generally lies in how most non-profit organizations run their operations. Under normal circumstances, volunteering isn’t a hard thing to get into for those who are willing. However, we’re living in unprecedented and dangerous times. The strict implementation and observation of COVID protocols set by the WHO and CDC ensure worker and volunteer safety.

When organizations go out of their way to ensure the health and safety of every participant, folks are more confident in giving back to the community through their skill set, whether it’s administering vaccines, organizing relief efforts, teaching SEO and online marketing courses in livelihood programs, or counseling people with different challenges during this time.

People from different backgrounds have taken upon themselves the burden of helping out their fellowmen that have been hit hard by the coronavirus. These people, along with the frontliners who are tirelessly working around the clock, have sacrificed a lot of things just to serve.

Making a Difference and Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Some people might wonder what motivates them to serve despite the lack of compensation and recognition. Not everybody is driven by money and fame. A lot of folks just genuinely want to serve to make a difference in other’s lives and help make the world a better place. They are motivated by seeing people’s living conditions improve.

They are driven by the desire to leave a positive impact on society. They are spurred on by the idea of leaving a lasting legacy that will be felt generationally. They have hearts that are too big filled with so much love and compassion that cannot be contained that they feel the need to serve and pass it on to those in need. No strings attached.

In an ideal world, that’s how we all should be. Unfortunately, we live in a flawed world filled with so much selfishness and self-centeredness that serving people is either looked at in a dumbfounding manner or judged for having ulterior motives.

However, because we live in a messed up world, those who step out to sincerely serve with no hidden agendas are like a breath of fresh air that the world so desperately needs. Their volunteer work shines brightly like a beacon amid the dark of night. It serves as a reminder that no matter how dark a place the world can be, there will always be people whose hearts and deeds will make it brighter. That even in the midst of a global pandemic, exceptional individuals will go out of their way to serve in whatever capacity because it’s the right thing to do.

The question now is, are you one of them?

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