Rethinking Transportation: Why E-Bikes Remain the Future of Transport

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As city traffic only gets worse over time and with the call to action for more sustainable modes of transportation, we think it’s time we revisit this hidden gem—Electric Bikes. Now, e-bikes aren’t a new innovation into the world of tech and transport, they’ve been here for quite some time now, but other than places in Europe and China, they’ve remained a niche. Something very shocking once you consider the rising popularity of electric cars, just as we’ve seen with Tesla.

Of course, you could argue that many people favor the seating and carrying capacity of cars instead of bikes, which is something we won’t deny. Apart from this argument, electric bikes come out more superior in all other aspects, especially if you live in a busy and bustling city.

On that note, let’s dive straight into the facts and why we think getting an e-bike is something you’d wish you did sooner.

#1 Very Convenient To Use

Number one, and probably the primary reason behind most e-bike purchases, they are very convenient to use. Not much upkeep is needed for an e-bike to get going and maintenance is very minimal. It’s a simple as hopping on, pedaling, and you’ll be at your destination before you know it!

  • Traffic Doesn’t Hold You Up: Nobody likes traffic, and if you’re in a car, there isn’t much choice for you other than to wait it out. And traffic is precisely where electric bikes shine the brightest since they’re much smaller in comparison and bike lanes are mostly free.
  • You Cover Greater Distances Than Regular Bikes: People often forget that electric bikes are equipped with a motor and battery, which means they can cover greater distances and move faster than your average bike. If you’re planning to go anywhere far, you don’t have to worry about getting there late because these e-bikes are very reliable.
  • It Takes Less Effort: And on top of all the convenient features, an e-bike doesn’t require the same amount of effort as a regular bike does. You won’t need to pedal hard because the battery will support you and have less impact on your knees. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting all sweaty.

#2 Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Transportation

bikes on a parking spaceOne of the more important reasons behind getting an e-bike is that these are sustainable and eco-friendly means of transportation. The world of transport is now starting to shift towards electricity from gas-power, and for a good reason. Gas has evident negative impacts on our environment, and making changes to our lifestyle is necessary if we want to see any improvement.

  • Better Than Electric Cars: While electric cars are a significant step-up from gas-powered vehicles, choosing to use e-bikes are even better. They take up significantly less space on the road, which frees up traffic congestion and makes the street much safer. Plus, they consume less energy in comparison while allowing you to move faster in the city.
  • Fewer Expenses: Cars, in general, require regular maintenance to ensure that they’re in excellent condition, However, for the average person, this means extra expenses, and if you’re still on the gas, you’ll also have to pay for fuel. Meanwhile, electric bikes are far more inexpensive, and while they do come at a price premium, the cost over time would be well worth it. This allows your average consumer to use their money for more important matters like necessities, FHA loans, and essential utilities.

#3 Improves Fitness

Lastly, one of the most excellent benefits and reasons you should get an electric bike is because it improves your overall fitness. The vast majority of people have become victims and primary examples of a sedentary lifestyle. And with the use of an e-bike, you could seamlessly introduce much-needed physical activity into your daily life.

Blends Recreation and Transportation. Instead of sitting inside a car, an electric bike grants you the best of both recreation and transportation. You get to have fun while cycling to your destination, arrive earlier than expected, all the while enjoying the health benefits.

Anyone Can Ride a Bike. And above all, anyone can enjoy the benefits of riding an e-bike. From your grandmother to your daughter, nearly anyone can hop on, learn how to balance and pedal, and be on their merry way. Of course, higher-end models with faster speeds require driving licenses, but for the most part, entry-level models offer zero barriers to entry.

Conclusion: Still a Long Way to Go

Though some Americans still feel indifferent to an e-bike, its popularity has been steadily increasing over the years. And while we still have a long way to go, we firmly believe that getting an e-bike is a step in the right direction for the future of transportation.

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