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Are You Worried About Your Family’s Fitness?

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We are strong advocates for fitness, and we believe that many people also share the same sentiments because it improves our health and helps us live more fulfilling lives. However, more often than not, fitness is usually portrayed as an individual goal rather than a team effort. Of course, you could argue that there are gym classes and the occasional workout buddies, but this is far from the face of fitness.

As a result, most people are misguided by thinking that going to the gym and working out is a lone-wolf persona. When in fact, the goal of getting in shape becomes more manageable when you have people to keep you motivated.

Therefore, we want to break away from the stigma that working out is a lonely endeavor. And what better place to start than right at home and incorporating a practical family fitness plan!

Make It A Family Project

Childhood obesity is a growing concern worldwide with the number of obese and overweight children reaching a staggering number of 41 million in 2016. And without intervention by the parents, this places them at an increased risk of serious health complications like heart disease and Diabetes.

This leaves the responsibility of staying healthy and active on the parents, making a family fitness plan all the more critical in today’s world. But where do you start?

#1 Implement Healthier Meals

Anyone will tell you that getting in shape is more than working out, that a lot of the magic happens in the kitchen, and being mindful of your nutrition. So a great place to start designing your family fitness plan is implementing healthier meals. Simply replacing junk foods with healthier alternatives, adding veggies to your dishes, and squeezing fruits into your diet will do the trick.

Have everyone help with meal plans. People have different tastes, some might enjoy certain fruits, and others might detest the taste of specific veggies. So instead of doing all the meal planning by yourself, enlist the help of every family member and get everyone’s personal opinion on the food choices. Remember, you want to make this family fitness plan sustainable, and the only way you can do that is if everyone agrees. The last thing you want to happen is to have food on the table that no one likes.

Implement a cut-off time for not-so-healthy snacking. Bad habits die hard, and when it comes to unhealthy snacking, you can’t just flip the switch and expect everything to be okay after. So instead of jumping the gun, take it slow and implement a cut-off time for not-so-healthy snacking, and slowly work your way up.

#2 Choose Fun Activities

There’s a stark difference between individual workout sessions and group exercises, one of them being the task of keeping everyone motivated and excited. So when choosing what activities to do for the family fitness plan, stay away from your casual lift weights, progressive overload, and repetitions. Opt for fun activities, caters to everyone, and still gives you a good workout.

  • Morning Runs: Running is a staple in anyone’s workout plan. Luckily, it’s something everyone knows how to do! If you’re looking to get a very productive morning in for everyone, then consider waking up early and going for a jog. Just remember to go at a reasonable pace that everyone can follow.

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  • Zumba Exercises: Everyone enjoys bopping to the rhythm and shaking their booty, and if you like the idea of dancing and breaking a sweat, consider Zumba exercises. All you need is some space, a TV for display, some loudspeakers, and you got yourself the perfect dance floor for the family.
  • Ride Bikes: If you want your legs to feel the burn like a drum heater belt, then nothing beats going out biking with the family. Especially if you have a nearby place you can explore off-road, it’s equally as enjoyable and lets you break out of that cabin fever.

#3 Track Your Progress

Lastly, a family fitness plan can never be complete without tracking the progress of every member. Tracking is what sets fun and games from productive exercise, so make sure that you’re taking down notes of everyone’s improvement from start to finish.

  • Clarify Your Goals: Any professional will tell you that, without a goal, you’re addressing an issue without direction. The same concept applies to your family fitness plan. It would be best if you clarified what your family is planning to achieve. Whether it be to lose a couple of pounds, get slimmer, or live overall healthier lives.
  • Offer Rewards: Progress alone isn’t enough to keep a person going, more so if you’re dealing with kids who don’t care too much about those things yet. So to keep everyone engaged and active with the fitness plan, try to offer weekly rewards for those who did the most. This can be a free chore pass or getting to eat their favorite meal, so decide what works best for your family.

Enjoy Every Second

Above all, though, don’t forget to enjoy every second you get when participating in your family fitness plan. While you’re all working hard to get fit and be in shape, remember to smile and enjoy every moment you spend with your beloved family.

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