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How to Write That Ironclad Prenuptial Agreement

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Romance is great, but you should also be practical when it is time to get married. That is why you will want a solid prenuptial agreement signed before taking your vows. Though associated with multi-million dollar payments, even simpler people need prenups. This makes divorces and separations much easier and less contentious.

Here are some tips on how you can make an ironclad prenup agreement:

Check if You Really Need It

One of the first things you need to confirm is your need for a prenuptial agreement. You need to sit down with your partner and start revealing each other’s assets. You need to know how much they own, how much they earn, and how much they owe. This should be the same for you. If you and your partner don’t actually own anything much, then you’re probably not going to need it.

However, you may notice that your prospective partner may have outstanding debts. That can cause problems since even after a divorce, shared liabilities can be divided between the two of you. Don’t get saddled by this debt by asking for a prenup.

Get Some Professional Help

Always ask a professional to help with your legal paperwork. A family law attorney in Santa Fe, NM, and other locations can be a big help when it comes to writing down your prenuptial agreement. Just deciding on it with your partner is not enough. It needs to follow local laws and has to cover all the bases. This is where your lawyer comes in. In addition, their experience can make things easier since they know about other prenups and can suggest possible solutions.

Be Completely Honest

Don’t try to hide anything. It’s embarrassing that you owe thousands of dollars in student loans; however, honesty is necessary if you want your partner to be honest as well. This way, you can have a fair accounting of what you and your ex-partner have and create a solid prenup.

Don’t Get Emotional

Your prenuptial agreement is a legal document. It is supposed to be logical and reasonable. This means you shouldn’t mix in your emotions into it. Though you may want to get punitive when it comes to terms, try not to be. The agreement is a “just in case” document, kind of like your insurance policy. You might not need it and it is not that important that you need to hurt each other over it.

Do it as the First Step

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Finally, prenups should be the first thing you do after you propose. It could change things and you don’t want other plans to be disrupted by the prenup. Additionally, doing it early allows you to iron out any problems before the wedding.

Though people are always optimistic about their marriage, it is best to be prepared for any situation. The tips above should be a great help in ensuring that your prenups are done properly. Solid prenuptial agreements protect both parties, so you and your ideal partner should do your best to make it as good as possible.

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