Five Ways Companies Recruit Employees Online

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If you want to find a job posting, where do you go? Do you wait for the newspaperman to deliver the paper in the morning and look for the classified ads section? No longer are people doing the old way of looking for job openings. Companies are using the Internet to advertise about job openings and look for highly-skilled workers.

If you want to find someone for your recycling business, an online recruiter expert in the recycling industry is your best bet. But who is this recruiter? What can they do to rise above the noise and be the chosen company of top talents?

Post on Online Job Boards

One of the most popular and the cheapest method of recruiting prospects online is through online job boards. Right now, the most popular are Robert Half, CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed,, Glassdoor, and Ladders. There are still many more that cater to specific skills and qualifications, so you need to find the right online job board where your potential employees could have uploaded their resumes. Your post needs to include the requirements, qualifications, description of the job, possible starting salary, whether it’s for a full-time or part-time employee, and other details about your company.

Go Where Your Candidates Hang Out

If you are looking for specific talents such as web designers, developers, and marketers, you need to look for them where they usually spend their time chatting about their jobs. Developers use the online community of Github. Designers hang out on Designer News. Marketers talk about strategies on

Search on LinkedIn

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Do not hire anyone unless you have scoured LinkedIn. Check out your second-degree connections. You never know what you can find. If you do find a second-degree connection who you think will be good for your company, ask your mutual connection to introduce you. A warm introduction is the best way to approach a prospective employee.

Use College Admissions and Career Placement Services

Colleges and universities often help their students land jobs. You can reach out to a university or college near you to gain access to its alumni email list. They usually have job boards online and in school, too, so you can post a message on that regarding a job opening. Specialized departments often have their job boards. If you’re looking for a web developer, for example, you can reach out to the university’s IT department. Establishing a connection with local colleges and universities will put you on their priority when they recommend companies to students either for employment or internship.

Ask Your Current Employees for Help

Employees are incredibly picky about their jobs now. They want to know if your company provides good compensation packages and if the company prioritizes work-life balance. They will only believe stories they hear from your own employees. Ask your present employees if they can post about their jobs online and help you find the right candidate for the job.

Unknown to many employers, your relationship with your current employees can determine the success rate of finding recruits online. If your company doesn’t have a good reputation online, prospective employees will easily find out about it. Make it a point to establish good relations with your workers so that it will be okay to ask for their help in the future when you need to find talented and skilled people to join the organization.

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