A Guide to Termite Treatment

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It’s important to know that a termite treatment can be done on the home. According to the video, this treatment can last up to ten years and save homeowners a lot of money on pest control over the next few years.

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The goal isn’t to repel termites but kill the colonies and eradicate them from the property. It is important to note that easy to purchase termicides are available and will serve the same purpose as the commercial grade pesticide used by the professionals.

Once these products are purchased, these non-repelling contact chemicals are placed in bait areas so that the termites get this product on them and then take them back to their colonies. It is good idea to redo this every five years for good measure. A trench is dug around the perimeter of the home adding a solution of this product and water along the trench so that the termites get the product on them if they try to make their way to the home. Keep an eye out for pipes and wires while digging the trench along the perimeter to avoid any issues with power and plumbing. With this preventative termite treatment, you don’t want to cause a more expensive repair.

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