You Should Host A Local Online Event For The Community

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As the saying goes, “No man is an island,” and no matter how hard we try to cope with the challenges of isolation, cooped up in our bedrooms, and repeating this monotonous cycle of waking up and going back to sleep in the same space — it gets very boring and actually takes a toll on our mental health. Of course, given the global context and health concerns that we have to consider, it’s only natural that we observe and abide by social distancing guidelines.

However, it’s not entirely impossible to meet and socialize. All it takes is a bit of creativity matched with the effort to work around the limits of the new normal. So, today’s topic will revolve around the community and how you can increase engagement and socialization without putting anyone at risk. We’ll be learning some fun and exciting event ideas that you can try right now to create a positive change.

The Caveat: Keep Everything Online

Much like how schools have turned to the online platform and local businesses have improved their websites, the caveat the community has to work around is keeping everything online. Sure, it may take some time getting used to and messing with the quirks, but it’s not a novel concept, and we’ve all grown accustomed to online video conferencing and streams over the past year. You see, using the internet to our advantage is our single most effective way of getting the best out of the limits of the new normal.

    • Local Gatherings Are High-Risk: Typically, we’d be ecstatic to recommend hosting a local gathering or maybe even a barbecue over the weekend, but local gatherings are high-risk and should be avoided as much as possible. We don’t want to risk infecting someone and compromising our health, no matter how delicious the food and drinks would’ve been. Everyone’s safety always comes first.
    • There’s Plenty To Do: Despite the fears of technical issues, there’s actually plenty to do online, and it’s not as hard as it sounds if given enough time to work out the kinks. And, with a bit of tinkering and internet magic, it’s one of the most accessible platforms to keep updated with everyone in the community without having to come in close contact with multiple people.

Getting Creative

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Now with all that said, it’s time we get to the juicy part, all the fun and exciting community event ideas you can host. Of course, these suggestions are but the tip of the iceberg, and once you get a feel for things, feel free to tailor and get creative with any future events. The more unique, the better!

#1 Host A Virtual Concert

If you know you’ve got some talent in the neighborhood and can guarantee that everyone would be up for strutting their stuff online, then we strongly recommend hosting a virtual concert. It doesn’t take a lot to set up, and you can even go live so people from across the world can watch with you and enjoy the event.

  • Create A Local Talent Show: For starters, we recommend a local talent show that will highlight some of the most talented people in your community. From local bands to young kids learning their instruments, you can manage and hold the event however you like it. You can even hold it on a regular basis, featuring different people every month.
  • Weekly TikTok Challenges: If you think hosting an event in real-time is much of a hassle to manage and not everyone can afford the luxury to attend, then the second-best thing is creating weekly TikTok challenges. By starting a simple dance trend that everyone can try or following existing trends are all great ways to stay connected.

#2 Hold Virtual Classes

Apart from showcasing talents, if you’re fully aware that someone in the community is more than willing to teach and share their skills, then we strongly suggest holding online virtual classes. It might take some time for people to warm up to the idea, but over time you’ll get more and more of the community attending every single week.

  • Online Cooking Show: Let’s be honest, cooking has become an escape, and a means to cope with the cabin fever we all detest. And, what better way to capitalize on the shared love of food than through an online cooking show! Everyone gets a chance to share and learn each other’s recipes, and it almost feels like an online get-together.

#3 Video Game Tournaments

Lastly, if you know there’s plenty of kids in the community that would love to participate in a community event, don’t pass up on the opportunity to host a video game tournament! From playing Minecraft to holding a fun match of Among Us, we’re sure that everyone would be willing to join in on the fun. Plus, these video games often have built-in functions for co-play, so it wouldn’t be difficult to set up.

Of Course, Get Feedback!

Now, before you go and plan for your next community event, don’t forget to get feedback and see how everyone enjoyed it. You need to think like a business analyzing their customer satisfaction scores, identifying what people enjoyed the most and which ideas work best. In doing so, you can better tailor the community events according to what everyone enjoys and avoid all the things that don’t offer much.

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