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Unexpected Factors that May Affect Your Divorce Case Outcome

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The process of getting a divorce is always messy as it is an emotionally, financially and legally difficult time for most people. The world as you know it is turned upside down, and the emotional pain of separating from your long-term partner can be made even more difficult when issues such as child custody come up. On the other hand, you must also educate yourself on the details of divorce law to be able to reach a settlement or go to court over it. While you are fighting these battles, it is important to know which factors can determine or influence the outcome of your cases.

Your current lifestyle

If you are fighting a protracted legal battle in court over how to divide property and determine alimony or maintenance pay, it is important to remember that the personal details of your current or past lifestyle may influence the judge to make a decision. If you lived a very lavish life in the past, you might have to pay more in settlements, and your partner might claim a bigger settlement.

Social media use

Social media evidence is admissible in court and is used very often in divorce proceedings to prove points about cheating or partner abuse and neglect. You social media history might even be brought to light to paint your character. Be very careful about the posts you make on social media during divorce proceedings. These can then influence the judge’s decision. Your past behavior, especially if you can be shown to have behaved recklessly, can make you lose child custody cases. A good custody lawyer in Utah can help you navigate the complicated minefield that is child custody law.

Things that might happen in the future

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Another important factor that judges take into account is how things might change in the future, such as the possibility of someone having to retire or being unable to find employment. This is when the age of the child comes into play, even when it is not a custody issue. If you have a very young child, you might have to pay more in settlements or periodical payments. Your partner might not be able to work full-time while having to take care of a toddler or baby.

The gender of your partner

Divorce outcomes for homosexual versus heterosexual marriages can be quite different. Although same-sex marriage is now federally recognized in the U.S., the laws surrounding same-sex divorce are still uncertain. This is why in these cases, the settlement and child custody is determined based on a number of different factors such as the difference in income between the two partners. Other factors become much more important in these cases, such as if someone has a history of abuse. Child custody is determined by the potential home environment in each parents’ case, and the preference of the child is also an important consideration.

These are just some of the many factors that can determine the outcome of your divorce case. It is always best to hire an attorney who understands your needs. Consult with them each step of the way.

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