What You Can Do to Support Immigrants’ Rights

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An unfortunate reason immigrants flock to the United States is to seek opportunities they could not find back home. An even sadder reason for immigration is because they are victims of violence who fled to seek refuge in another country. According to statistics in 2019, 14 percent of the total population of the U.S. are immigrants.

Different administrations adopted different policies on immigration. Some administrations are known for imposing Draconian policies on undocumented immigrants and deported thousands. Children get separated from their families. Some undocumented immigrants spend months in prison. So, bail bonds for immigration can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars.

What can you do to help?

Educate yourself

One of the ways you can help with the situation of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. is to educate yourself about it. Read the news about what is happening. Update yourself about the law. Study the policies and how they changed over the course of decades. Read the long history of the country and the state of immigration. Only when you are properly informed can you make decisions.

Donate and volunteer with groups that fight for the cause


A more direct way of helping immigrants is to volunteer with groups that fight to protect their rights. You can easily find these groups on the Internet. Study what they exactly do to help, and find one you want to extend your help to. If you want to volunteer your time, look for organizations in your state.

You can also donate monetary help. These organizations need as much money as they can get to provide quality assistance. By helping through donations, you also extend their services to more people who need them. Here are some non-government organizations you can consider joining.

Justice for All Immigrants

The goal of NGOs like Justice for All Immigrants is to aid detained immigrants with their legal needs. They used to be called Justice for Our Neighbors when they started in 2014 in Houston. They provide affordable and high-quality legal assistance to immigrant families, refugees, and asylum seekers. They also advocate for immigration education. This NGO operates based on the values of community, opportunity, compassion, and accountability.

One of their programs is called “The Asylum Project”. Under this program, asylum seekers get legal representation in court hearings. They also get assistance in the processing of their paperwork while. They also receive guidance on how to properly present their story. The project also helps asylum seekers in finding housing and accessing other social service projects.

Kids in Need of Defense

Caught in the crossfire of immigration battles are innocent children. Kids in Need of Defense is an NGO that aims to protect immigrant children who need protection and safety more than anything else. They mainly give their services to children from separated families.

The main goal of the organization is to make sure that every child who stands in immigration hearings has the best legal representation. The organization also understands the need for children to address their trauma. Through their social services programs, they help children adjust to the new environment they are in. They also make sure that unaccompanied children who were forced to migrate alone receive appropriate treatment.

Together Rising

Together Rising is an organization that aims that collect funds to support immigrant children. They do this by donating the money they collect to advocacy groups that aim to reconnect immigrant children to their families.

The organization aims to connect ordinary people with big hearts to advocacy groups that will make the most of their donations. Sometimes, people want to donate to at least impart some change to the community, but they don’t know where to go. Together Rising is the bridge that connects them to the right advocacy groups.

Their main project is called Love Flash Mob. It is an online fundraiser that they have done multiple times already. Strangers donate to this online campaign that states how much money needs to be raised in a specific amount of time.

Call for change

Finally, you can call on lawmakers and those seated in high government positions to address these problems. Call on your local politicians to pass policies that help protect immigrants’ rights. Lend your voice to those who are unheard.

Do your part even in the online space. Express your sentiments in a tweet, in a video, or in a Facebook status. It might not reach policy-makers but you can educate other people in the process.  Raising awareness of immigration policies and human rights is already a big help.

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