How You Can Contribute to Community Safety

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Community safety pertains to the quality of life of the people living within the community. It means being able to pursue and obtain all the benefits that you are supposed to get from your social, domestic, and economic lives without being hindered by and fearing crimes, conflicts, and disorder. It means being able to feel safe wherever you are, whether you are at home, at work, or in the streets.

Community safety is a collective undertaking, which means everyone plays a part in successfully implementing it. This also means that you play a part.

What can you do as an individual to help implement community safety? Below are some ways that you can be of help.

Know Your Neighbors

Being friends with your neighbors can help create a good atmosphere in the community. Socialize with them from time to time and maintain a good relationship with them. The neighbors can help look after your house, pets, and other belongings in case you will be away for a while. You can also lend them the same service if they ever have to go on vacation for some time.

If you are having some issues that may require outside help, your neighbors may also be able to help. Most of all, being friends with neighbors can help in maintaining harmony and peace within the neighborhood.

Report Issues

There are certain issues that arise in communities due to a shortage of manpower, budget, or things that should have been done but have not been given attention to. For example, a tree has been on the verge of falling for quite some time but no one made a report or the local community leaders did not care to act on it due to several reasons.

After a while, the tree did fall, and it almost hurt some people who were around when it happened. The fallen tree also blocked a known pathway, which made it difficult for people or vehicles to pass. The problem could have been avoided if certain measures were done before it even fell.

Such a scenario can happen again and again if people in the community do not report certain issues that they have already noticed. Do your part by reporting problems if you ever notice some of them within your neighborhood. Likewise, participate in community clean-up drives and other activities meant to benefit the entire neighborhood. If you are not yet ready to join community groups, you can help in your own little way. For instance, if you own a tree that is about to fall or needs some maintenance, do your part by removing the tree or have a reliable tree service provider take care of it.


Know What is Happening in Your Community

Be updated with everything that is happening around you and in the entire neighborhood where you live. Know the crime trends in your area and report any activities that you find suspicious to the proper authorities. Get involved in the community’s fight against crime by being vigilant in your surroundings. You can also do this by joining the town watch program if your neighborhood has any. If there is none, you can also create one.

Secure Your Property

Of course, safety should start with you and your own family in your own home. Make sure to keep your property secured by installing CCTV cameras around your property. You can also have outdoor lights installed in strategic areas around your home. Criminals are not likely to approach houses that have CCTV cameras and strong lighting systems at night. Additionally, use double locks in your doors and windows and make sure that your home is not easy to intrude on whether or not you are around.

Keep Your Children Informed

Let your children know about the possibilities of crimes happening in your neighborhood. If you can, get them to learn some self-defense. Teach them to report suspicious activities or people as well if they ever see one. Likewise, teach them to not tolerate bullies and to report incidences of bullying to you or to other adults. Additionally, give them boundaries as to where they can go.

Keeping the community and all the people living in it safe is not just the responsibility of one or a group of persons. It is the responsibility of everyone living in it. Keep your part of the bargain by being a good citizen in the community and by participating in community activities. Join forces with your neighbors and collaborate closely with the authorities to make your community not only a peaceful place to live in but also a safe haven for you and your entire family.

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