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Improve Online Reputation Management with These Techniques

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Marketing has evolved, thanks to technology. More and more people are shopping online and consuming content on their mobile devices. Reputation management has remained the same in principle because you still need to have a good brand image for customers to trust you. But the need for it has extended to the digital world, as well.

Utah’s online marketing experts agree that the following techniques can improve your brand reputation online.

Maximize the Influence of Social Media

social media conceptBrands have broadened their use of social media to improve or maintain their image. Users are savvier online because they can easily speak their minds about a product or service, whether it is positive or negative. These comments may gain traction and affect consumer perception of your company. These can drag you down or lift you, and this reputation can last a long time.

Create multiple accounts to bolster your reputation or repair it. Respond to feedback and comments amicably if negative, and thank customers if positive. Use the platform to launch products, convey your brand message, and influence positive company perception.

Use the Empathetic Approach

It is difficult to respond in the right way online because you can’t convey non-verbal cues, which make up for a huge part of communication. However, you can still reply to queries, irate customers, and feedback in an empathetic manner. Understand the problem of a customer and identify key points that led to their reaction. Some have concrete statements you can respond to immediately. Others need more fleshing out; you can get more details by asking follow-up questions.

Highlight the Positives

The reward to the effort and time you put in making your brand an answer to problems is a simple “thank you” or a recommendation from customers. It helps your image if you post and highlight these in your social media accounts. Potential customers are always looking for a brand to trust, and they will likely look for suggestions from people they know or relate to. Highlighting these positives also allows you to create a community with your followers online.

Avoid the Trolls

The developments of technology have not only brought good things but bad things, as well. Trolls spam comment sections without concrete problems to tell or reason for doing what they do. When you pander to them, it creates unnecessary attention, which is their real aim. There’s no level-headed discussion when you engage them. This may spiral out of control and affect your overall image.

Invest in Your People

Your front liners will deal with all sorts of customers and comments online. They bear the brunt of tirades and complaints. Invest in them by providing them with training programs and incentives that align with your objectives. Update their skills to help them communicate with your customers better. Also, provide them with guidelines to follow but allow them to be flexible with their response.

These are just some of the ways to improve your brand reputation online. This is an essential aspect of your business that you shouldn’t overlook. Implement these to get the results you want.

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