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How a Defense Attorney Can Protect Your Rights

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Lawyers use several tactics to help a client win the case—whatever it is the individual is involved in. So, if you’re in Kent working with a personal injury attorney or a criminal defense lawyer, here are some things you can expect from the legal counsel.

They don’t let emotions get in the way

Attorneys want only one thing for their clients: to make sure their rights are protected throughout the trial or court proceedings because, after all, their clients are humans and they have constitutional rights. Whether the client is guilty or not, lawyers don’t let their personal feelings get in the way. But that doesn’t automatically mean they justify any crime. They are just doing their jobs, which is to stand up for anyone who needs their help.

While it may seem unthinkable that someone legally trusted by society would defend a person accused of a crime, criminal defense attorneys say they try to connect with their clients through bonding. They probably don’t go out drinking or fishing with them, but they do look for common ground. This helps them see the human in their clients.

They get to know the jurors

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Getting to know the jurors is not always about taking them out for dinner and having small talks, but they do research about and examine potential jurors. During the voir dire or the preliminary examination of the jurors, both a prosecutor and defense attorney will look for at least one who can be swayed. What’s more, if they find one who has a natural bias against the case, your lawyer would probably kick them off the panel. Only the neutral and open-minded can remain.

While in court, your defense lawyer may also observe the juror’s body language and see how he or she is affected by the way the argument is rolling. If the juror laughs at the jokes or smile, at the least, then your advocate gets the feeling that the individual is on his or her side. In contrast, if the juror seems to be turned off by something in the proceeding, your lawyer takes a mental note of it and thinks what may have caused it.

What’s more, lawyers also do a background check on the individual “who can be swayed.” They tailor their summation according to an event the juror can relate to.

They involve public opinions, too

If a case the lawyers are handling draws either local or national attention, they listen to what the public has to say. Jeffrey Lichtman, John A. Gotti, and Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s attorney said in an interview that public opinion has a significant impact on how he prepares the defense. This is because he believes that the jury is a small portion of public entirety.

That said, what the public thinks may reflect the jury’s inclination. In other words, your lawyer gets ideas from the public opinion—he or she checks for preconceived notions—and develops the argument based on it.

A good lawyer does his or her assignment very well to help you win your case. It involves different things, some of which were discussed in this guide. Working with an attorney who does these things is a good decision.

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