Network Monitoring Tools

Elements of Sophisticated Network Monitoring Tools

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One of the aspects that can leave your modern business grappling with huge losses is a slow network. As most of the elements of today’s business’ operations rely on computers, this will spell doom for your productivity.

Fortunately, there are several solutions nowadays for the reduction of any incidences of network breakdown. One of the most efficient and inexpensive options lies in using a network monitoring tool.

Getting a managed IT support services agency to advise you on what tool will work best for your business is essential since there are too many ‘solutions’ nowadays. Some of these will only become the primary cause of issues on your network.

In most cases, a slow network arises from one application using most of your resources. A monitoring tool gives you insight into what app is causing your issues and save you on the supplies and time spent trying to figure out what has gone wrong.

Here are some of the critical elements that sophisticated networking monitoring tools have in common.

Dependency-Aware Network Monitoring

Basic monitoring tools should periodically send status pings to your network to guarantee they are operational. Some tools will also notify you on the type of devices connected in your network and their impact on its functionality.

Sophisticated tools, on the other hand, offer all types of dependency information including network topology, routing protocols, device dependencies among others. This gives you a theoretical picture of how well your network is working.

Intelligent Alerting Systems

An intelligent alerting system triggers alerts on deviations from a regular performance according to various baselines of your historical data. The alerting system will reduce the alerts your network escalates for expert input. Moreover, this option allows you to tune your alerts to only send tickets in case there are multiple issues of a similar nature.

Capacity Forecasting

Procurement of various network software when your current one cannot handle your increased capacity is generally a lengthy process. With capacity forecasting, there will not be any surprises on what your network needs to continue performing optimally.

Capacity forecasting will give you insight into your network’s RAM, CPU, disk space and bandwidth and forecast your needs months in advance. This way, you can start the procurement process early and have the software in place when your capacity requirements increase.

Dynamic Network Mapping

Network Mapping

Understanding the interconnection between your networks is essential to understand its performance. Dynamic network monitoring will allow you to take the information from your network and use it to get the trouble spots and any poor signals affecting your network’s performance.

If, for instance, users complain of a slow network, you can check your entire connection displayed on dynamic network mapping and thus get the source of the breakdown.

You cannot afford to pick just any tool for your network’s monitoring. The elements of a sophisticated tool mentioned above will guarantee the tool you pick meets your business’ requirements.

With managed IT monitoring, an agency will continually keep tabs on your business with an effective tool and maintain it. This averts any downtimes on your network, helps you meet any budgetary challenges and keeps you ahead of the technological curve.

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