Why Driving Is an Important Skill to Learn While You Are Young

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As of 2019, over 230 million people in the United States hold valid driver’s licenses. In most states, the minimum age requirement for drivers is 16 years old.

In recent years, some states have begun issuing non-binary gender options. It is also expected in the next few years that digital IDs would be widely adopted for convenience.

Do you remember the time in high school when you were so anxious to learn how to drive and get your license? We can all agree that learning to drive is a skill that benefits almost every part of our lives.

Our experience in driving helps build confidence and teaches us how to practice safety on the road. Knowing how to drive means we can conveniently travel to different destinations without having to rely on public transportation.

In recent years though, the decline in the number of younger individuals taking driving lessons is noted. Among the possible reasons is the lack of need as most towns and cities offer a great public transport system, or the expense of learning how to drive or owning a car is simply too much.

Nonetheless, knowing how to drive offers more advantages. And what would be the better time to learn this skill than while you are young?

1. Convenience

While it is true that public transportation has its perks when you are in a busy town or city center, time seems to slip out of hand while you are waiting for the bus or a cab.

Every second, minute, and hour count. And waiting for so long for a means of public transport to come by is so inconvenient when all you need is to buy some milk and eggs in a grocery store.

However, when you get yourself a driver’s license, you help yourself avoid this inconvenience. Not to mention, these days, it is very much easy to get the necessary course to get a license, like the TLSAE course online.

2. Confidence

Another thing that driving skills give to you is self-confidence. You gain confidence as you study, learn theories about driving, and finally pass your driving test.

In essence, learning how to drive boosts your personal development skills. This confidence you gain is not confined on the road. It is something which you can very much apply to other areas of your life.

3. Cost-efficiency

On a surface level, we would agree with others saying that owning and maintaining a car is expensive. However, when you look at it closely, having your own means of transportation is way more economical than relying on commuting.

For one, you can control and manage the costs. When you purchase your car, you have a wide range of choices from size and age of the vehicle, maintenance and repair, and insurance coverage. Unlike when you rely on public transport or taxis, you have no actual control of how much you have to spend on fare.

4. Career Move

When you know how to drive, it could also be a huge help for your career. In fact, a lot of career opportunities these days think driving is an essential skill.

Since telecommuting is a thing nowadays, employees are expected to be more flexible with the demands of the job. This includes being readily available to drive off to an in-person conference out of town.

Nonetheless, even when you do not use your driving skill directly for work, it is useful when you need to travel every day for work. It eliminates the commuting hassles out of the equation.

5. Social Reasons

Humans are naturally social creatures. Despite this digital age where we could talk to anyone across the world without leaving the comforts of our home, it still is nice to interact with people in person, especially our closest friends and loved ones.

When you know how to drive, you can travel and visit your family or friends whenever you want to. You do not need to rely on the availability of buses or taxis.

6. Go on Adventure

Just as how social we are, we cannot deny that there are times that we want to drive off in the middle of the night, go into some adventure with no clear destination in mind. Whatever your reason is for going on a spontaneous trip, it is always fun and exciting to explore places, familiar or not.

Plus, you can stock items and supplies you want to take on your trip when you have your own car.

Why do you think driving is beneficial?

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