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Child-friendly Features to Look for in Real Estate Properties

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When it comes to residential real estate, some properties are more child-friendly than others. And parents who are looking for homes that have kid-friendly features need to act fast because those types of properties tend to get bought more quickly.

If you are looking for a potential home and raising small children, find the best mortgage rates, speak with your agent, and act as swiftly as possible. The competition can be tight, and your kids deserve to grow up in the best home and neighborhood.

Here are some features you need to look for.

Mudroom or entry storage

Having kids means managing many items, big and small, including equipment for sports, instruments, and other types of activities. In this scenario, a mudroom and plenty of storage will come in handy because you would have enough space for hobbies and activities that are important to your kids. A mudroom is also handy because the children would have a place to clean up and get rid of their dirty boots before entering the main home. It’s perfect for parents who love to keep the house in tip-top shape.


A cul-de-sac is a dead end, or a passage, or a portion of a street that’s closed at the other end. Having a home at a cul-de-sac is ideal for families with kids because the children would have a safe place to ride their bikes or play outside without worrying about incoming vehicles. Cul-de-sac neighborhoods also tend to be smaller as a community, making it perfect for families to get to know each other and build healthy friendships. Wouldn’t you want your kids to develop lifelong friendships with people they can grow into adults with?

Child safe feature

Kid-safety features

Here are some interior features you need to look for when raising toddlers or small kids:

  • Check if the stairs can easily be gated. Not all homes can be gated because some stairs have railings with wide gaps, like open, airy ones. These staircases may look beautiful, but if they cannot be blocked, you can be sure that raising a kid or even a pet in it can be stressful. Some open-riser staircases or floating stairs can be safe for kids. Just make sure that they adhere to the standards set by the International Residential Code (IRC).
  • The same rule applies to the kitchen. While the open concept with an island is stunning and undeniably trendy, you need to consider how you can keep the kids away from the area, especially if you’re doing some cooking. The last thing you want is curious little hands touching hot surfaces and door openings to the ovens.
  • Another safety feature you need to take into account is large windows, especially if you see a future in which your kids will spend plenty of time out in the yard. You want to be able to see your kids from the kitchen or living room as they play outside. Essentially, what you’re looking for is an interior design with a great view of the outdoors. With this, even if you’re doing some chores from inside the house, you can watch your kids as they play outside.

Children-friendly bathrooms

One of the bathrooms needs to be kid-friendly as well. This means that the bathroom must have plenty of room for multiple kids who want to brush their teeth at the same time. There should be enough space to maneuver, especially if you will do some diaper-changing. There should also be a stool beside the tub so that you have somewhere to sit when bathing the kids. Storage space is also a must since you want a place for your kids’ towels, toiletries, toothbrushes, and other hygienic products.

Bonus spaces and fenced yards

While extra rooms for leisure activities and bigger yards are certainly a luxury, they are worthy investments because you would be giving your children a childhood they would be grateful for. We live in a time when we never know if we might have to stay home again. Don’t forget to look for houses with fenced yards for your own peace of mind so that your kids can play in the front or back yard without you worrying about strangers or wild animals.

These additions might cost you more as a home buyer, but they are well worth the effort if we want our kids to have a fun and vibrant childhood. Safety is essential, especially if you have children to watch over. So ensure that your house is the right environment for them to grow up in. Happy house hunting!

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