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How Does the Canadian Government Attract the Highest Number of Immigrants?

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At the beginning of 2019, Canada had made it clear that it plans to welcome 1 million immigrants by 2021. This seemed to be welcome news when the U.S. was making reforms to stop more immigrants from settling in the U.S. No one is oblivious of the stance taken by the U.S. with respect to the H1B visa. Therefore, the hostile behavior of the U.S. has forced nationals of several countries to look for greener pastures elsewhere. Canada seems to be top on the list for obvious reasons.

Canada measures its growth in the economy based on the number of people working there and paying taxes. It is because of immigrants that the figures seem to rise every year. Secondly, employers in Canada are finding qualified people to work there because of the immigrants. The Canadian-born talent pool is quite limited, and it is one of the precursors of this trend. The Canadian Government has created multiple paths to lure foreigners there. Read about how the Canadian Government is successfully attracting so many immigrants.

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Temporary Foreign Worker Program

This program allows Canadian employers to recruit foreigners to fill temporary openings. It is for scenarios when the Canadian talent pool is unavailable for employment. The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act regulates the program in sync with the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations. You can get through this program to migrate to Canada through ESDC. The body assesses the employer’s requirements to gain talent pools outside the country. If you are trying to get through the Canadian labor market, this may be a good opportunity for you.

Service Canada is another body that responds to various questions on the same. They generally respond via Employer Contact Centers and online. Employment and Social Development Canada coordinates with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada and other management bodies to track and distribute valuable information on the program.

Family sponsorship

If you are looking for this route, you might have to rope in an employment law attorney, as they have a complete know-how of the process. It is for those who have successfully migrated to Canada and want to take their immediate family members along. Spousal and partner sponsorship programs come under its purview. This is a two-step process that one can complete very easily. The migrated Canadian applies to the Canadian Government as a sponsor. Then, once the application is approved, the spouse or partner willing to shift base applies for Permanent residence.

You may apply for child sponsorship, as well. Now, permanent residents in Canada can sponsor their foreign-born dependent children to immigrate to Canada with them. The child may be biological or adopted. Parental sponsorship also comes under this immigration route. Now, sponsored parents and grandparents can migrate along with their children and even work there to support themselves. As a layman, you may sometimes find it challenging to find a course to affect migration. In such cases, legal help is the next best option. You can get it right from the documentation, submission to approval at the first attempt itself.

Economic Migrants

This is another immigration category Canada has opened for foreign nationals in the job market. If you want to become a permanent resident of Canada, this may be the right pathway for you based on your skills. Many programs are available for all applicants with particular occupational capabilities and expertise that satisfies Canada’s Labor market needs. The various popular occupations in this segment are professional residents, management, and technical inhabitant.

If you are interested in applying for the Canadian programs, you need to access the above programs through the Express Entry online immigration management system. If you meet the requirements for permanent residency, you might have to fill in the IRCC application. You can access all the detailed guidelines and forms online.


The number of refugees and protected immigrants are also set to grow in the next few years. Canada also establishes itself as one of the leading countries that allow the maximum number of refugees and protected persons. All those persons, whom the Canadian authorities identify as Refugees, can stay in Canada, apply for permanent residency, and eventually become Canadian residents.

There are instances when such refugees are involved in criminal acts. The final decision in such cases is made by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. Canada allows two types of refugees — persons in need of protection and conventional refugee.

This is how Canada boosts the immigrant population in order to receive economic advantages in the form of taxation. The country’s enormous immigration surge is a response to the epidemic losses. It is a cornerstone of both the short-term and long-term recovery strategies. Even if for opportunistic motives, the country is certainly a favorite to many people who seek to settle abroad.

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