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10 Lucrative Skills That Can Make You Earn Online

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COVID-19 has led to massive changes in practically everyone’s lives, with a lot of people losing their jobs left and right. Those who managed to keep their jobs shifted to work-from-home setups. With people looking for new ways to make ends meet, the demand for online-based jobs has skyrocketed.

If you have lost your job and looking for one that can let you work without having to leave the house, it’s time that you brush up on your skills to be able to qualify for these money-making online jobs.

SEO and Google Analytics

If you’re thinking of entering the digital workforce, you should have at least even a primary idea of what Search Engine Optimization is. At its most basic, it’s about making websites land on at least the top ten searches on the Google search engine. This entails following a set of best practices that include design and copywriting. Having a good knowledge of Google Analytics makes it easier for anyone to keep track of everything that goes on with a website.

Coding and IT

Web developers are in demand right now given that everything is going online nowadays. It’s a good thing that there’s an abundance of tools and resources online that enables one to become a web developer. One can easily learn to code and everything computer-related with the help of online courses and training.

Technical Writing

This is something you typically don’t find in your usual high school courses but it’s never too early to start. When you sign up for a technical writing course, you get at least the basics of technical writing that you need in order to create professional-grade manuals, instructions, and proposals. You also get graded assignments, video lessons, and testing for certification.

Resume Writing

Not everyone is fit to write a resume and cover letter that can save their lives. This is why there are people employed to do this. Not only do they present your credentials for easier reading, they actually position your resume with establishing your personal brand in mind.


If you love bingeing on YouTube videos, why not make your own videos and earn from it? YouTube is one of the most popular sources of content in the world and has become powerful enough to create its set of internet celebrities and influencers. There’s something for everyone on YouTube so you will definitely find a spot using your own niche.


Just like YouTube, producing podcasts involves investing in audiovisual equipment, but on a less grand scale given that this medium is primarily audio. You can research the necessary equipment needed to start and you can follow current podcasters to get an idea of how to run a show.


Websites are the life force of the majority of businesses right now because of the pandemic. The ability to build websites from scratch or using the WordPress platform is a truly valuable skill indeed. There are loads of WordPress courses and tutorials online that are offering discounts, which means there are more chances of beginners gaining the knowledge they need to build attractive and effective websites.

Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Using the power of the internet to build and maintain a business is a skill that will not leave you wanting for job opportunities. This involves getting to know everything there is about Google and how you can use it to work to your advantage. Equally important is using social media to meet and further your ends. This is a broad course to take since it involves and touches on areas such as web design, copywriting, SEO, and social media.

Speaking Chinese

It’s one of the most popular languages to learn right now and speaking fluent Mandarin means getting the lion’s share of translation gigs, tutorial jobs, and customer service work that deals with Chinese clients. Learning Chinese or any other language has never been easier, thanks to online courses that you can access via computer or mobile phone app, which serves not just scheduled tutorials but also video demonstrations and live chatting as well.

Microsoft Excel

There are always abundant opportunities for an Excel master. Studies show that 82% of jobs require Excel skills and experience with using productivity software. With your expertise in manipulating tables and gathering data, you can become an accountant, financial analyst, administrative assistant, project manager, business analyst, or data journalist, to name just a few.

There are lots of free courses available for these skills for those who want to get a feel of the work involved, but if you are serious about making it big online, investing in paid courses that can get you the certification you need is definitely worth the money you will pay.

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